For 50 years... We have been making ideas walk!


LAURO Designer is an italian “full-service” footwear design and prototyping studio with 50 years experience.
It offers to its domestic and international customers a wide range of services (all customizable to specific needs) from the very beginning, an idea/sketch or market trends analysis,to the final sample or set-up of complete collection inside factory.
Among them, we can highlight the following:

• samples rental service for fairs/meetings
• creation and development of an entire collection with samples
• complete line with “construction kit” (incl. lasts, patterns, shoe sample, soles, colours & materials combinations, finishing indications, etc)
• footwear sketches and designs
• complete sole designs and sole sample (maquette)
• creation of last
• making of finished shoe
• technical pattern making with cad cam
• market researches and trends analysis
• assistance services in factories for samples set-up
• consultancy services

We can start, follow and handle all process of shoe project development:
from the first ideas to the final sample and after, giving the assistance inside the factory for its set-up.
In addition to our existing collections, we also make totally customized projects on demand and totally exclusive.
We use mainly leathers and textiles but also new materials such us biodegradable and eco-friendly and many constructions (lasted, tubolar, high heel, bologna, goodyear, blak&rapid, stitched and turned, Ciucani reverse, etc.)
We also work closely together with our partners and suppliers on the ideation and development of new production techniques and high-tech products.
Our studio is based in the Italian region of Marche, the heart of Italian footwear business and there are 2 wide permanent showrooms for lady and man with over 1.000 different footwear prototypes available, weekly updated.
Our flexibility and ductility enable us to collaborate with big store chain companies, small start-ups, independent emerging brands and also luxury/high fashion brands, commercial companies, agents, etc 
We are exhibitor at LINEAPELLE Fair in Milan, PURE ORIGIN in London, IILF in Chennai, EXPO RIVA SCHUH in Riva del Garda and MICAM Fair in Milan.











  • 1969

    Just after graduation, 19 years old Mario Lauro Scoccia founds its own company 'LAURO Designer', driven by his passion for fashion and willing that his ideas would finally starting to take shape.

  • 70's

    Despite his young age, he succeeds in domestic market especially in the shoe business district of Marche, Veneto, Campania and Puglia, gaining experience and knowlodge in the different types of shoes. He also wins the 'Mercurio d’Oro' award.

  • 80's

    Growth in the european market. Germany, France, Russia and eastern Europe become the new main reference markets.

  • 90's

    Lauro's first-born, Simone, follows in his father’s footsteps and starts working in the company.
    The company expands his business in north and south America and Asia.

  • 2000's

    Lauro Designer studio doubles its builing and invests in cadcam technology and automatic cutting systems.

  • 2010

    Lauro Designer celebrates it 40th anniversary with an eye to the new african and middle eastern markets.

  • 2019

    The 50 years anniversary of the company is celebrated with the aim of strengthening collaborations with both luxury brands and big store chains. Partnerships are signed with suppliers to develop products with increasingly innovative and high technological contents also in the direction of eco-sustainability

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly specialized personnel with a long experience and tradition. At every stage of the process, from the model making, passing through cutting and stitching till finishing, our technicians are always available, with their skills and abilities, to get to achievement of innovative projects and collections with the highest quality standards in the shortest time.
The key people are:

Contact Us

Street: Via del Roccolo, 36 – ZIP Code: 63814 City: Torre San Patrizio (FM)
Tel. +39 0734510951 - Fax + 39 0734510487 VAT Number: P.Iva 01908780446

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